Our Choir


Information for Members

Concert Dress

Men: Dinner jacket, black bow tie

Women: All black

Subscription Rates per annum

Members: £60

Students: £20

Friends: £25 minimum


Members are expected to attend the majority of rehearsals in order to sing in a concert. If you are unable to attend a concert, please inform your Voice Captain as soon as possible.


Unless otherwise advised, rehearsals take place between 7.15pm and 9.15pm at Kyson Primary School, Peterhouse Crescent, Woodbridge.

WCS Mailing List

We use a mailing list powered by MailChimp to send occasional emails to members, such as important information about concert arrangements, AGM materials and our annual newsletter. All members who have previously given us their email address should already be subscribed to the mailing list, but if for any reason you are not, you can use the form below to subscribe. Please note that this service is only available to WCS members.

Previous emails sent to members are also available to read. If you would like to browse, please view previous campaigns.